Would you like to become a member of the Swiss Society of Administrative Sciences?  The membership is open to anyone who shares an interest in administrative sciences. The membership fee allows the SSAS to run an office, which performs the necessary administrative tasks.
Type of membership

Annual subscription in CHF.

Benefits for SSAS Conferences (reduces conference fee)

Publications (“SGVW-Schriftenreihe”)

1. Individual Members


For every Conference (non-transferable)

1 Expl. free

2. Collective members

 Categorie K1


For one Persons per conference

2 Expl. free

Categorie K2


For three Persons per conference

5 Expl. free

Categorie K3


For five Persons per conference

10 Expl. free

Categorie K4


For eight Persons per conference

12 Expl. free

Categorie K5


For ten Persons per conference

15 Expl. free

3. Supporting Members

From 1’200.-

nach Absprache

According to arrangement

4. Students Free

For every Conference (non-transferable)

Please fill out the following form to sign on the SSAS membership. If you have any further questions or need more information on the SSAS, our office will be pleased to answer them!