In the public administration sector, the Swiss Society of Administrative Sciences (SSAS) is the most important specialist association in Switzerland. It links the Confederation, cantons and communes, the German-speaking part with the French-speaking part, managers in public administrations, universities, and the private sector. The president of the SSAS is the Federal Chancellor of Switzerland, Walter Thurnherr.

What are the goals of the SSAS?
The goals of the SSAS can be grouped into three main categories:
  • The SSAS serves as a link between practice and science, between communes, towns and cantons as well as between the national and international level.
  • The SSAS promotes administrative cooperation between the three levels of government and the linguistic regions.
  • The SSAS provides a forum which serves as an interdisciplinary communication platform for politics, public administration and the citizens.

Fields of activity of the SSAS
As a result of its integrating task, the SSAS provides a wide range of services which are for the benefit of the most diverse target groups. The current fields of activity comprise:
  • organisation of symposia
  • management of the SSAS knowledge platform relating to developments in the public sector
  • publication of a newsletter and a journal series (Yearbook of Swiss Administrative Sciences, peer-reviewed)
  • representation in working groups in the European Public Sector Award and in selected international symposia
  • liaison with other administrative science associations