The knowledge platform in the public sector –
The online service is jointly produced by the Swiss Society for Administrative Sciences (SSAS) and a broad network of lecturers from Swiss universities and universities of applied sciences, as well as practitioners (Confederation, cantons and towns).
Authors and author network
More than 30 qualified experts gather the latest know-how in public administration. Visitors to the knowledge platform thus obtain first-hand analyses of reform projects and developments in public administrations. This first-hand knowledge provides a solid basis for opinion forming.
Current background reports
Several hundred articles, interviews, background reports and contributions are freely available. A Windows Vista gadget brings these news directly to your computer screen. This helps you find out what is happening in the public administrations in Switzerland in the first place.
Thanks to an open registration function for the meetings and events, organisers are in the position to offer their programme to a wide audience. Moreover, calls for papers can be entered, too – an important source of information for academics and researchers.